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Now create your own UI Themes for your Nokia Moible Quickly and easily with Carbide UI Theme Edition.

Carbide UI is Available for S40 2nd Edition Feature Pack 2, S60 3rd Edition FP 1 & 2 and S60 5th Edition

Creating the graphics and sounds for themes is quite easy with Carbide UI. Each Carbide.ui tool can link in your favourite bitmap-, vector graphics-, and audio-editing applications, enabling you to use the tools you already know.

Once you’ve created a theme, you can use Carbide.ui to package and, in the case of a Symbian theme, sign your theme. Used with Nokia Suite, Carbide.ui enables you to automatically deploy a theme package to a phone for testing.

Key Features


  • WYSIWYG functionality

Design themes easily with WYSIWYG layout tools, no layout-definition coding or specialised mobile-design experience needed.

  • Support for all customisable theme components

Use all the customisable UI elements of Symbian and the Series 40 platform, such as background graphics, highlight areas, application icons, pop-up windows, colours, sounds, morphing effects, and the navigation bar.

  • Support for third-party editors

Use your favourite graphics and audio editors. For Series 40 a Flash editor can also be linked into Carbide.ui.

  • Colour management features

Comprehensive colour-editing features provide a used-colours palette, drag-and-drop colourisation, and, using the Referenced Colors tool, the ability to update multiple colours in a single step.

  • Gallery view

The Gallery view provides an overview of all the screens that can be previewed in Carbide.ui. From the Gallery, screens can be opened in the editor with a single click

  • Packaging and DRM

Create signed Symbian OS installation (*.sis) files and Series 40 installable *.nth packages. Prepare files for the use of Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) DRM protection.

Visit Nokia Developer Forum For Downloading Carbide UI Theme Edition

Screen Shots

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  1. Thanks for providing the application and i will use it to create theme for my nokia phone. Also thanks for providing quality and neat post.

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